Interior Decorator/Space Planner

Interior Decorator / Space Planner

YossiG is looking to hire

Job Title: Interior Decorator/Space Planner

Location: Brooklyn, NY


About YossiG


YossiG is an interior design firm in Brooklyn, NY, specializing in a wide range of projects and unique designs to fit the needs of every client. Our projects include commercial, residential, and industrial spaces, ranging from small private houses to commercial buildings ranging from 1-250 units. This specific position requires attention to our private residential clients specifically. At YossiG, it’s our passion, innovation, and attention to detail that sets us apart from others to ensure a complete project from start to finish.



Looking For


An interior decorator and space planner to manage and perform a wide range of private residential projects. Duties include conducting site visits, furniture shopping with clients, drafting space planning, providing design suggestions (such as coloring, materials, furniture, and finishes), and assisting clients with their projects.



Qualifications and Experience


  1. At least 5 years of interior decorating experience
  2. Looking to work a minimum of 5 years
  3. Proficient in Revit
  4. Excellent verbal communication and social skills
  5. Friendly and inviting personality
  6. Organizational skills and ability to multitask
  7. Attention to detail
  8. Persistence with clients and ambitious with projects
  9. Available to travel locally