Revit Leader

Revit leader

YossiG is looking to hire

Job Title: Revit leader

Location: Brooklyn, NY

About YossiG: YossiG is a team of 30 highly-skilled individuals across the world constantly working together on architectural design projects of all kinds. YossiG looks for individuals eager to work in an environment with the following core values: Innovation, Commitment, Accuracy, Clarity, Passion, Overachieve, and Listening.


Looking for: An excellent and competent Revit leader with extensive architecture and construction experience to lead our drafting team on design projects from start to finish. Duties include conducting meetings and phone calls with clients, communicating project details with team members, overseeing the project throughout the process and ensuring that every detail is paid attention to, reviewing plans before they are released to clients, and reviewing and updating our Revit standards and templates.


Responsibilities will Include:

  • Managing all projects that are in the drafting stage.
  • Reviewing projects before the speck book is sent to the client.
  • Communicating with clients and contractors.
  • Communicating with project manager and design manager throughout the project..
  • Updating Revit template when needed.
  • Updating company standards when needed.



  • 10+ years of construction experience.
  •  5+ Years of experience using Revit.
  • Knowledge of NYC Building Codes
  • Ability to create construction details.
  • Exceptional team leadership skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written English.
  • Strong communication skills.